Menekşe Match Factory


Menekşe Match Factory, which was built in the middle of the 19th century, continued to produce matches until 1897 and was later used for different purposes. The basis of the concept of the project is to revive production, which was intended for use at the time the region was first established, and to transfer the cultural heritage to future generations. The existing buildings in the match factory were protected by eliminating the annexes that distort the texture, and it was aimed to contribute to the social life by functionalising them as a reference to the idea in its establishment. The organization within the structure was changed and the spaces where production, such as offices, laboratories, multi-purpose halls, could be continued and exhibited were designed. Besides, as the region is on the migration route of birds, two towers that can be references to other two existing towers and can be places for vertical farming were designed. The area was aimed to be revived and to be become a part of the city, after many years of being abandoned.