We think of architecture as “human”. Architectural designs are a reflection of the talents, inner world and imagination of the people who make it. The projects we realize arise from the cooperation of our teammates, who are successful and have a wide variety of talents and competencies, in innovative and reliable processes. We approach each project with curiosity and combine it with experience. Our focus is to concentrate on the principles that we pay attention to the smallest detail with our conceptual approach.

We create new things in the fields of building typology, sustainability, construction, technologies and building materials and actively use and develop parametric, computational design and digital working methods. We see ourselves as generalists accompanying a project from design to completed implementation. In this sense, we can manage all stages and realize our quality standards. Coordination in the team, openness, networking of our knowledge in the office and intense collaboration with everyone involved allow us to gain a holistic understanding of our projects.

By eliminating all the negativities of remote working, we are able to carry out projects without any problems in different parts of the world with effective communication channels and methods.